Chocolate Squared

Sorry, everyone - today's post isn't a math problem. I know you were hoping to do math this morning, but all I really wanted was square chocolate cookies.


I Love Rhubarb in the Springtime

Yes, I also love Paris in the springtime, but that is irrelevant today.


It's Complicated

I could be talking about life, but I am actually talking about my recent Sunday brunch.


It's All About the Whites, No Yolk!

New Year's Day in London was perfect. It rained hard all day long, which is exactly what we wanted.


Resting on One's {Bay} Laurels

When we lived in Maine, we dreamed of growing several herbs that just weren't happy with our wintry climate. We did everything we could to coax rosemary and basil plants through the winter, so we could cook with them, or simply to brush our hands against a sprig and dream we were in Paradise… instead of our frigid, ice-coated ring of Dante's Inferno.


The 1970s, Revisited

Several weekends ago, we had a cold, rainy spell - the leftovers from a Pacific storm that swept California.