Making Friends

When we travel, we like to make friends. Sometimes, they are friends for the week; sometimes they become friends for life.


Recipes and Remembrance

The scent of a certain flower can unexpectedly transport us to the past, or remind us of loved ones, or special times. The taste of foods, or even the mention of their names, has much the same power. Every time I get out the recipe that follows, I can't help but think of my parents and how much I miss them. Mom has been gone almost 30 years, and Dad almost 20.


There's a Mole in Our Midst

For years now, Markipedia has insisted that someone in our inner circle is a mole, leaking out details - to the media, to other chefs, to the world - about what I have been up to in the kitchen.


Right Pasta, Wrong Province

Fifteen years ago, when we were on our way to the Cinque Terre from Milano, we had to change trains in the small town of Levanto, just northwest of Monterosso al Mare, the northernmost of the five villages that comprise the Cinque Terre.


Long Time No Lavender

Cocoa & Lavender. From the name of the blog, you can pretty much surmise that I like cocoa and lavender.


Tutti a Tavola in Toscana!

We just spent an idyllic two weeks in Tuscany - a peaceful week in an incredibly charming stone home in an oak forest outside Radda in Chianti, followed by a week of cultural banqueting in the atmospheric medieval beauty of Siena. This is a very photo-heavy post; I hope you enjoy these images from our time in Tuscany, as well as the recipe/wine pairing at the end!